De Marchi Contour Plus Gloves - $45.00

Over the years, the name De Marchi has become synonymous with 'Contour.' And whether it be the Contour Plus bib shorts, jersey, base layer, or in this case, gloves, you know that you're getting the very best that Italy has to offer. For the Contour Plus gloves' construction, De Marchi used a fabric that's akin to that used in its Contour Plus jacket. It's 100% windproof and highly malleable. As a result, your ability to feel the road through your bars remains uninhibited by the gloves' weather-protection -- a common ailment of cool-condition gloves. This ideology is furthered through by the gloves' gel printing on the thumb webbing, palms, and fingertips. Additionally, the Contour Plus achieves a maximum surface coverage through the incorporation of a high cuff on the wrist. And for further comfort, this opening is free from any abrasive hook-and-loop straps, instead opting for De Marchi's signature jacquard elastic closure. The De Marchi Contour Plus Gloves are available in four sizes from Small to X-Large and in the colors Black, Red, and White. - $45.00