De Marchi Contour Plus Bib Shorts - $99.98

Just because the Contour Plus Bib Shorts are no longer at the top of the De Marchi bib heap, that doesn't mean that they aren't still just about the best bib shorts you could ever expect to wear. If you are looking for long-term comfort and Italian styling at a great price, then these will be your bibs of choice.De Marchi uses their pro-grade extra stretch Lycra fabric with high elastane content to deliver a compressive fit. Key muscle zones like the quads and glutes get a generous amount of compression while the areas around the genitals and the cuffs have more of a tender hold. Being overly compressed can be just as bad as feeling like we're flopping around inside our shorts, so you'll be extremely happy during the beginning, middle and end of a four hour ride that De Marchi has taken the trouble to design a short that is intended to move with your natural anatomy. In the bib, the inelastic mesh at the back it in place while providing essential ventilation. For the insert, De Marchi has relied on its proprietary Contour C12 chamois. Long a comfort reference for cyclists, this pad makes use of De Marchi's unique half-moon shape that allows for a special channel through the center of the pad that suspends the prostate rather than compress it. The design has been streamlined so that the pad is even less obtrusive around the genital area. The midsection of the pad uses a high density polyurethane foam to cushion and support the soft tissues around the prostate. And for the area that cushions the ischiatic bone, De Marchi incorporates their super-high density foam that's vented so air can easily and keep that typically moist area drier. Silver threads are also woven into the pad fabric to keep bacteria to a minimum and reduce fatiguing static. The De Marchi Contour Plus Bib Short come in three colors: Black, Black/Titanium and Black/White. They are available in sizes Small through XXX-Large. - $99.98