De Marchi Contour Light Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer - $45.00

Your first layer needs to be selected with care, as it's able to become either your closest enemy or, we hope, your nearest friend. Opting for the latter is always what we strive for, but some base layers just don't quite perform as planned. You know as well as we do that several hours of intense riding in a bad base layer will ruin your ride, which is why this decision must not be taken lightly. Luckily, though, De Marchi's Contour Light Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer let's us ride with confidence, knowing that our first layer is there to take good care of us along the way. De Marchi constructed the Contour Light from its Dry3+ Extreme fabric. As De Marchi's quickest drying fabric, the Dry3+ Extreme is made from hollow polypropylene fiber that rapidly pulls moisture from your skin, moving it to the quick-drying outer layer. Supplementing this, the material's light and airy composition is also highly breathable, which keeps you cool and dry throughout your hardest efforts. Conversely, this material also works to regulate your body's temperature in cooler conditions. And because Dry3+ Extreme's fiber blend incorporates just the right amount of Lycra, this base layer also provides slightly compressive, muscle-holding qualities. Accordingly, this directly translates to enveloped muscles that stay insulated and shielded from the cold. And in terms of fit, the paneling design of the Contour Light fits just as a long sleeve base layer should, gently holding and supporting your torso without any additional bulk or constriction. The De Marchi Contour Light Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer is available in six sizes from Small to XXX-Large and in the color Black. - $45.00