De Marchi CL Jacket - $146.95

When it comes to the shoulder seasons, you're probably finding yourself plagued with an irritating cough or cold quite often. Why' Because of the simple rule that what comes up must come down. When you think about it, the weather doesn't always warrant a jacket when you're working up a sweat on your climbs. However, once your climb is over, you find yourself freezing on the way down. And this is just one scenario of how Mother Nature is able to throw a wrench into the fun of your ride. So, what's the solution to unpredictable weather' A packable shell like the De Marchi CL Jacket, of course. De Marchi went with a 6/6 micro rip-stop nylon for the construction of the CL jacket. This fabric features a superfine construction that feels light against the skin. However, rip-stop is made with a reinforcing technique at the fiber level that makes it highly resistant to either tearing or ripping. If you're curious to what this 'technique' is, basically, it involves the use of both thicker and thinner threads. Essentially, the thicker threads are interwoven in intervals in a crosshatch pattern. So, the fabric is given a three-dimensional structure. And given that the 6/6 ratio is still rather permeable, the nylon retains its natural moisture wicking and breathable characteristics. In terms of fit, you'll find that, although this is a unisex design, the CL jacket is rather conforming to the torso and arms. This is due to De Marchi cutting the form on a contour, which, in turn, makes the CL quite adaptable to both the positions and movements of cycling. And to secure this fit, the jacket features a seamless elastic gripper along the rear hem. It's also worth noting that the CL jacket is made in Italy from Italian-sourced materials. Additionally, this piece is Oekotex-certified -- a certifiable European textile standard. The jacket also features a zippered side pass-through pocket in order to access your jersey pockets, and a microfiber collar for a little added warmth. - $146.95