De Marchi C+ Bib Shorts - Women's - $149.95

Similar to the men's version, De Marchi's Contour Plus Women's Bib Shorts continue to win riders over with their dependable structure and long-distance comfort. In fact, these bib shorts are De Marchi's most popular due to a smart design that works to support the body for hours on end. The new shorts have been redefined with even more support features for 2013, made possible through new fabrics and revamped chamois technology. And, like all De Marchi products, the Contour Plus bib shorts are handmade in Italy using Italian materials. The C+ bib shorts were constructed using six panels of the Pro-grade, Extra Stretch Lycra fabric. This dense material incorporates a high elastane content in order to deliver a firm compressive fit around key muscle zones. Gel prints were added to these panels as to reinforce the fabric, serving to further 'anchor' the material from shifting as you ride. The quads and glutes were targeted with a generous amount of compressive support, while the areas around the inner thighs, saddle area, and cuffs have more of a gentle hold. What this gradual hold means is that you'll be comfortable during the beginning, middle, and end of a four-hour ride, as compressive fabrics shield your muscles from oscillation and road vibration. Unlike many materials with dense and compressive characteristics, De Marchi's Pro-grade Extra Stretch Lycra is very breathable and wicks moisture incredibly well. This means that besides staying supported in the saddle, you'll also remain cool and dry. De Marchi's Pro-grade Extra Stretch Lycra composes the bibs' front straps, before blending into a carbon fiber mesh makeup for the shoulder tops and back panel. This Mesh insert provides you with the ultimate in ventilation and comfort by targeting the backside of your upper torso. De Marchi placed an equal focus on implementing technical fabrics into the C+ as it did refining the bib shorts' women-specific fit. - $149.95