Darkstar Scour Skateboard Complete Red 7.7" - $69.95

Darkstar has developed a new complete skateboard range, created for the first time skateboarder. The first push completes are designed and developed in the USA by Darkstars professional riders. Many first time skaters just want to try skating and are often limited by budget so it is with this in mind that Darkstar has created the first push complete. It's an entry level skateboard that actually works as it should. The trucks turn, the wheels & bearings roll smoothly as they should with excellent build quality throughout.Key Features of the Darkstar Scour Skateboard Complete 7.7": Entry level price, but not entry level quality 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple Exclusive Stiff Glue- Darkstars Strongest water based glue 5.0 T5 aluminum Darkstar trucks- Tough with good turning radius 90A Bushings - Softer bushings allowing better turning radius for all weight and size skaters 95a 50mm (Mini & Micro) 52mm (Full & Mid) wheels. A perfect hardness, suitable for both Street and parks Abec precision speed bearings High tensile hardware. - $69.95