Darkstar Crush Skateboard Complete Pierre Luc Gagnon Silver 7.8" - $89.95

Get ready to drop some hammers in the park with your new Pierre-Luc Gagnon signature skateboard from Darkstar. The PLG-approved Darkstar Crush Complete is 7.8" Wide and 31" Tall. The Crush also comes fully assembled and ready to ride out of the box with Grip tape, strong 7-ply wood deck, Darkstar trucks, 92A bushings and 52mm Darkstar wheels for burning up the pavement my young shred fiend. No assembly required only the desire to ride and maybe a few quick truck tweaks to customize your board to match your unique riding style and performance needs.Key Features of the Darkstar Crush Skateboard Complete: Complete Skateboard Package 7.8" Wide 31" Tall Grip tape 7-ply deck Darkstar trucks 92A bushings 52mm Darkstar wheels - $89.95