Dalbello Raya 9 Womens Ski Boots - $219.95

Dalbello Raya 9 Womens Ski Boots - The Raya 9 is the most broad appealing boot in the Raya family. With a soft, but supportive, 75 flex shell and tongue the Raya 9 gives enough stiffness for casual intermediate skiers to athletic beginners to strong junior skiers that no longer fit the more narrow profiles of junior boots. We think it's a great choice for the athletic beginner because you won't outgrow in a season or two. The cabrio design is the reason for this. The three piece system makes the Raya 9 very easy to enter and exit while the Dynalink buckle firmly plants the rearfoot giving the Raya 9 surprising response and control for a boot this dedicated to comfort. Making all three buckles microadjustable extends the snug fit down to the toes and up to the leg where the low profile cuff with volume expansion adjustment allow for perfect customization depending on leg shape. The Raya 9 even gives you cuff alignment and a heel lift to help get you in the right posture before you set foot on the hill, and a good stance can make or break your skiing experience. Cold feet can also ruin your day so Dalbello gives the Raya 9 the Trufit Sport Woman Liner, a heat moldable liner that will contour your foot and offer excellent insulation. Capped off with a convenient ski/walk mechanism to make getting to the hill and apres enjoyment more comfortable the Raya 9 is a do it all boot for the athletic beginner to the casual cruiser intermediate. Features: Four F-300 Microadjustable Aluminum Buckles, Dynalink Rearfoot Reten - $219.95