Dalbello KR Two Pro I.D. Ski Boots - Men's - 2012/2013 - $699.95

The all-mountain Dalbello KR Two Pro I.D. ski boots offer you the ability to tweak the fit to your exacting, powder-hungry, hard-charging expectations. Completely redesigned boot mold enhances power, precision and comfort by matching 4 critical fit points on your feet. Offering a precise foothold and a progressive forward flex, 3-piece shell optimizes responsiveness for today's relatively short, wide skis. Separate cuff, shell and tongue sections are joined together to create a smooth forward flex with precise side-to-side support. Enhancing side-to-side response and providing a snugger wrap, bi-injected cuffs feature stiff plastic on sides and soft plastic on the strap that wraps around shins. The Dalbello KR Two Pro I.D. ski boots perform especially well with tradionally cambered and modern rockered skis thanks to an upright cant and cuff angle. 2 interchangeable tongues let you choose between stiff and medium flex to fine-tune responsiveness and sensitivity; installed tongue is stiff flex. Anatomically shaped, liners offer a low-volume, performance fit that improves sensitivity and responsiveness. High-density EVA foam is lighter and warmer than standard foams and can be shaped to accommodate specific fit issues. Liners of the Dalbello KR Two Pro I.D. must be custom formed at a specialty ski shop with equipment that works specifically with Dalbello boots. For further information please contact your REI specialty ski shop. Slide-In system places smooth, slick fabric on the inside of the cuffs to allow your feet easy entry and exit. Expanded-volume toe boxes give your toes wiggle room up front. Cable instep buckle on each boot minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and shell distortion while flexing, and a specialized adjustment fine-tunes the cable tension. 3 microadjustable aluminum buckles on each boot create a precision fit; inverted bottom buckles won't come loose from contact with snow. - $699.95