Dakota Alert 2500 Series Driveway Monitor - $119.99

Know when your home is being approached by vehicles, animals or people. These alert systems sound a tone in your home to alert you. DCMA unit detects vehicles, people and animals. Available: DCMA-2500 With this wireless driveway motion alert system, youll know when someone is coming up the driveway. The weatherproof transmitter is engineered for year-round outdoor use and projects a passive infrared beam across the driveway that will sense motion of people or vehicles up to 80 ft. away. Program the receiver in your home to sound one of four tones when the beam is crossed. You can control the volume, tone style and duration of the sound. The sensor operates on a 9-volt battery (not included), and the receiver plugs into a home wall outlet. Range: 1/2 mile. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $119.99