DAKINE Jet Setter Luggage Collection - 3 Piece - Women's - 2500cu in - $122.47

Dakine made the matching Womens Jet Setter Luggage Collection for the experienced world traveler, the college girl on her first trans-Atlantic adventure, and everyone in between. Roll into your departure airport with the beauty kit stashed in the carry-on-size duffle bag that is conveniently draped over the handle of the large roller bag. Hit the kiosk, grab your boarding pass, hand the roller over to the agent, wave goodbye, and head for the security checkpoint. And dont worry about those little plastic baggies the airport offers, because all of your 3-ounce containers are neatly organized in the durable plastic bag within your beauty kit. Simply pull the beauty kit out of the duffel, unzip it, place in the bin with your shoes, and mosey on through. - $122.47