CygoLite Metro 300 and Hotshot 2W USB Combo Bike Light Set - $75.89

The package deal of the CygoLite Metro 300 and Hotshot 2W USB combo bike light set combines a powerful and versatile front light for illuminating your way with a bright rear light that alerts others. Cree LED on the CygoLite Metro 300 bike light puts out a powerful maximum of 300 lumens and is paired with precise optics for a beam pattern that's optimized for cycling. 3 constant lighting modes: high (300 lumens), medium (200 lumens), low (50 lumens); 2 special lighting modes: 2-in-1 SteadyPulse(TM) and day flash. SteadyPulse illumination mode combines steady brightness with an alerting flash, letting you see what's ahead of you while simultaneously letting others know your presence. Handy light mode memory automatically recalls the last lighting mode used when you turn the light back on. Internal lithium ion battery in the Metro 300 can be charged via computer USB port (charge time of 5 hrs.); run times vary between 2 (high) and 25 hrs. (day flash). Regulated output ensures consistent performance throughout the whole battery cycle; charging indicator lets you know battery status. Quick-release mount on the CygoLite Metro 300 USB light fits 25.4 - 31.8mm handlebars. CygoLite Hotshot 2W USB rear bike light boasts a bright 2-watt LED bulb and 5 customizable flash modes. Powerful 2-watt LED is paired with a specially designed reflector to maximize visibility; 5 useful flashing modes give you plenty of options. OSP (On-Site Programmable) technology means you can customize light flash speeds to suit your needs with a simple push of a button on the light. USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery on the Hotshot 2W lasts up to 500 hrs. of (flashing) use on a single charge. Water-resistant design of both lights protects them through all riding conditions. - $75.89