CycleOps PowerTap Alloy G3 Training Wheelset - $1,350.00

Not everyone training on a PowerTap wheelset is going to be riding that same wheelset on race day. Following the age old cycling logic of 'train heavy, race light' CycleOps created the PowerTap Alloy G3 Training Wheelset. Don't think for a second that CycleOps is cutting corners on this wheelset. You still get the PowerTap G3 Hub, which is the lightest and most advanced power meter in the world, as well as the new super-light Sun Ringle EQ21L rimsCycleOps completely re-imagined the design of previous PowerTap models, and improved multiple aspects ranging from rigidity to functionality. The new PowerTap G3 Rear Hub is a power meter on a diet. An 80-gram weight reduction from the popular SL+ makes the G3 rear hub the lightest power meter in the world. CycleOps improved on the rigidity of previous models for the G3 by shrinking the hub profile and widening the flanges, ending the days of heavy, stiff, paint bucket-sized rear hubs. With the distractions of weight and stealth design out of the way, CycleOps improved the functionality and accuracy of data gathering. For one, CycleOps moved the orientation of the electronics that transmit user data to the end cap of the freehub body. With the new positioning, it's now possible to remove the electronics for service without swapping out the entire wheel, equating to more time in the saddle and fewer headaches. The new G3 is equipped with an ANT+ wireless transmitter that sends power, torque, speed, and virtual cadence data to CycleOps' Joule or any computer unit that translates ANT+(note that it doesn't work with Yellow CPUs.) The G3 is capable of storing up to 15 hours of data in one-second gathering intervals, and up to 30 hours of data in two-second gathering intervals. The G3 design still has a 'torque tube' with eight strain gauges, yielding measurements accurate within +/- 1.5% between 40 and 130 rpm. - $1,350.00