CycleOps PowerBeam Pro with Joule - $1,599.99

For those whose riding teeters on the edge of goal-oriented devotion, measuring power is your scripture. And when the weather and open roads calls, you're making the most of your training through intervals and constant metric upkeep. However, until recently, efficient training came to a halt when the weather became formidable. Instead, you simply found yourself watching your favorite DVDs while slugging away on the boring basement trainer. Thankfully, the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro with Joule removes the drudgery of winter training by granting you the same level of training quality as your outdoor rig. With a realistic ride quality, sophisticated real-time and historical data, and CycleOps' Virtual Training software, you'll finally be stronger, trimmer, and sane come spring. Starting with the most rudimentary functionality, the PowerBeam Pro Trainer is both foldable and portable. The setup of the base is beyond simple, and with CycleOps' quick-cam locking mechanism, getting the bike in and out of the trainer is a fast process. Basically, all that you need to do is to position your rear axle to the mechanism and then turn a dial. That's it, and you're ready to ride. And once you get going, those around you will be pleased that the PowerBeam Pro is ranked as one of the quietest trainers in the CycleOps lineup. Furthermore, CycleOps states that the PowerBeam Pro is its most stable trainer, leaving you to live in the pain cave during heavy intervals -- not worrying that you're going to tip over. However, we still recommend using the Climbing Riser Block if you intend on getting out of the saddle for any duration of time. And even if your floors aren't particularly level, say when you're subjected to the basement, the trainer features a single-leg leveling adjustment in order to compensate for uneven surfaces. For the actual aspect of rolling, CycleOps included its PowerTuned flywheel. This heavy wheel creates a mimic of true rolling by optimizing inertial effect. - $1,599.99