CycleOps G3 SES 6.7 CLINCHER Wheelset / Joule GPS - $3,392.98

Pair the engineering of a former F1 aerodynamicist with some of the most advanced power training technology available, and you receive a package that's nearly impossible to beat. Yes, we're talking about CycleOps' new G3 SES 6.7 Clincher/Joule GPS Wheelset that incorporates wind tunnel-developed front/rear specific wheels, accurate power data-collecting rear hub technology, and a GPS computer head unit, all wrapped into one seamless system. The rims of this wheelset are identical to those found on the Enve Smart System 6.7 carbon clinchers, developed as a collaboration between Simon Smart and Enve Composites. Enve used its most sophisticated technology and engineering techniques to create this fast, stiff, and aerodynamic wheelset. The 6.7's aerodynamic design starts with the size differential of the wheels. Enve accounted for the different behaviors of front and rear wheels and designed the 6.7s with a front wheel that's 60mm deep and 26mm wide, while the rear wheel is 70mm deep and 24mm wide. Accordingly, the front wheel's shallow profile and wide stance decrease drag and improve stability in windy conditions. On the other hand, the rear wheel's depth decreases drag because stability is less affected at the aft position of the bike. But, the SES 6.7 clincher is not only aerodynamic, but it's also lightweight, stiff, and strong. The Enve SES series boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio on the market, and this is due in part to Enve's patented process of molding in spoke holes, nipple seats, and valve stem holes. This means that when you combine the hand-built Enve carbon clincher hoops with the CycleOps PowerTap G3 Wireless Hub and a sub-100 gram CycleOps Front Hub, it adds up to one of the lightest and stiffest carbon PowerTap clincher wheelsets ever produced. On CycleOps' end, it completely overhauled the design of previous PowerTap models, while also improving upon multiple aspects ranging from rigidity to functionality. - $3,392.98