CycleOps G3 Alloy Wheelset / Joule GPS - $1,499.95

You now have no excuses for omitting those harsh sections of road from your training rides. You know, those stretches you've always wanted to check out, but have always avoided while running your precious carbon hoops. However, when equipped with proper wheels underneath you, such as CycleOps' durable 32-spoke, classic box-section rims, those battered roads open up with new light. And when you take these durable wheels and pair them with a PowerTap G3 Hub and the CycleOps Joule GPS, your route possibilities become endless. With the G3 Alloy Wheelset/Joule GPS, you'll be riding on the most dependable, affordable, and advanced power training package available. After all, you're training, and you need to ride the roads in front of you, no matter how torn up they might be. With this new bundle from CycleOps, you get the venerable PowerTap G3 rear hub, which is the lightest and most advanced power meter in the world, the Sun Ringle EQ21L rims, and CycleOps' latest innovation in power training -- the Joule GPS computer. This new GPS computer provides a seamless relationship with PowerTap and is a lightweight powerhouse of computing intelligence. The Joule incorporates full GPS capabilities, and it utilizes a full route view to ensure that you don't ever get lost again. If you're used to the Joule 2.0, you'll be happy to hear that the new Joule GPS Computer still uses the customizable dashboard to display your selected data. It also features a similar joystick-type controller to toggle between your desired metrics, modes, or reports that you want displayed on the dashboard. A huge advantage of power training with the Joule GPS, compared to that of competitors', is the Joule's ability to set automatic intervals by simply hitting a button. It also features an auto-interval countdown to let you know how much longer you have to turn yourself inside out. - $1,499.95