CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer - $339.99

The most road-like feel of any CycleOps trainer. In essence, it's a resistance unit encased in hydraulic fluid. Unlike the Mag's external variable resistance, on the Fluid 2 the harder you pedal, the hotter the fluid gets and the more resistance you experience. But there's more going on than just that: the Fluid 2 is designed with Power Band technology that makes the level of resistance also a function of cadence and gearing. The ranges of resistance you can potentially experience is unbelieveable -- it varies from 20 watts to 725 watts, all a function of your gearing and cadence. The Fluid 2 has a cooling mechanism built in to give tons of durability. And, like the Mag, the Fluid 2 easily folds up and comes with the Quick-Lock bike mount, a custom skewer, and a CTS climbing workout video sure to pain you greatly. - $339.99