Custom Jigs Spins Rat Finkee - Chartreuse - $2.49

The balanced jighead, the soft and durable plastic body and its strong gold hook create a horizontal presentation thats field-proven effective for a broad range of fish. Fish it shallow or deep, the leadhead shows up on most locators and can still be seen as deep as 20 ft. Works well with waxworms or spikes. The 1/32-oz. jig is best for walleye or active perch and panfish. The 1/50-oz. jig is a good choice for crappie and other panfish. The 1/100-oz. jig is best used on finicky fish or in shallow waters. Sizes: 1/32-oz., 1/50-oz., 1/100-oz. Colors: Chartreuse/Green, Pink(not shown), Chartreuse, Glow, Hot Orange. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Jig Heads. - $2.49