Custom Jigs Spins Demon Jigs - Black/Orange - $2.49

Its beetle shape and two-toned high-gloss finish tempt strikes out of such a wide variety of fish, its become an institution among ice fisherman. Size 12 is perfect for tempting bites out of finicky fish or shallow-water bluegill. Size 10 tempts panfish with outstanding universal effectiveness, and size 8 is great for perch, crappie or any other fish keying into a larger profile. Nickel spoon backs on the fluorescent colors, or jigs are painted on both sides with the Glow Brite finish. Per two. Sizes: 12 1/100 oz. 10 1/64 oz. 8 1/40 oz. Colors: (002)Fire Ice Glow, (072)Black/Orange, (117)Glow Pink, (140)Yellow/Green, (443)Lime Glow. Color: Black/Orange. Type: Jig Heads. - $2.49