Currie IZIP E3 Vibe DF Bike - 2013 - $1,399.00

Zip your way up hills or against headwinds with the Currie IZIP E3 Vibe DF electric-assist bike, which boasts a versatile electric motor to ensure easy pedaling. Electric-assist design uses a battery-powered rear wheel motor to take the strain off a long commute, haul groceries, or lessen the impact of hills or headwinds. Electro-Drive(R) 250W DC brushless geared hub motor is powered by the rack-mounted, removable 24V/9.6Ah lithium-ion battery pack. 2 power modes include energy-saving, pedal-assistance that drives power to rear wheel while you're pedaling; battery range of the pedal-assist feature is 23 - 30 miles. Or you can make use of the twist-and-go power mode, which drives power to the rear wheel with little to no pedaling; battery range for twist-and-go is 12 - 17 miles. Motor assistance tops out at a safe speed of 15 mph. Battery gauge, power and motor controls are conveniently mounted on the handlebar; controlling power is easy thanks to the twist throttle. Comfort is high thanks to the riser handlebar, angle-adjustable stem, plush saddle and suspension seatpost, which contribute to an upright, cushioned riding position. Suspension fork soaks up the bumps and jolts of rough urban roads or unpaved trails. 7 pedal gears offer smooth and easy pedaling; twist shifter. Linear-pull brakes supply smooth, dependable deceleration. 26 in. tires are easy to maneuver and provide a wide, stable contact patch; Slime self-sealing flat prevention system decreases chances of a flat. Battery is easy to detach from the rear rack for simple recharging (charger included) or for added security when you're locking the bike up outside. Included smart charger features an LED status display to let you know the battery's charging level. Please note: battery range distances for the Currie IZIP E3 Vibe DF bike can vary due to factors such as rider + gear weight, amount of rider pedaling and terrain. - $1,399.00