Current Designs Solara 120 Kayak - $678.93

Boasting a comfortable cockpit and a stable design, the Solara 120 kayak is built for serious fun on the water. 12 ft. length maintains speed and enhances ease of motion when paddling idyllic lakes, calm bays and local waters. Sized to fit both full-size adults and kids of all ages, it's a great boat to keep at the lake or take along for a weekend jaunt. Rotomolded polyethylene construction offers performance, responsiveness and rugged durability. Shallow-V hull enhances tracking and offers friendly stability and a lively feel in the water. Swede-form construction enhances speed and maneuverability, and allows the bow to punch through waves instead of riding up and over them. Roomy cockpit makes it easy for large paddlers to enter kayak, and sliding foot pegs lock in to adjust the fit for multiple paddlers. Seat creates a natural, comfortable paddling position by tilting the entire seat pan up and away from cockpit floor. Use the lever-lock knob-it's similar to a quick-release fork on a bike wheel-to set the seat pan to the desired height. Locking mechanism prevents both side-to-side and up-and-down motion. To prevent numbness, seat pan features a countoured space for lower vertebrae and is covered with nonabsorbent, very thick and plush padding. Seat back moves up and down and back and forth, and it articulates to move with your paddling motion. Rear hatch provides enough storage for an overnight trip and features an easy-to-use, rubberized hatch cover with 3 flip-and-lock levers. Generous bungee rigging allows you to keep touring accessories with easy reach; small front hatch stores day-tripping accessories. Closed-cell foam bulkheads enhance flotation when hatches are sealed and prevent contents of rear hatch from shifting. Paddle keeper frees up hands when needed. Toggled carry handles ease transport of the 59 lb. Current Designs Solara 120 kayak to the water. - $678.93