Crkt Nirk Tighe 2 Folder - Blue - $89.99

A unique variation of the Klecker Nirk folding knife by Brian Tighe and Glenn Klecker. Its AUS-8 stainless steel is stamped and machined into a dynamic, functional design resulting in a steel frame that is not only visually exciting, but offers a formidable and functional handle. Glenns patent-pending integral lockback mechanics make the blade lock-up stronger the tighter you grip the handle. Brians drop-point blade design flows nicely from the handle shape with a subtle recurve along the cutting edge. A specially caged mini-ball-bearing system affords fast and smooth operation. A custom removable stainless steel clip is provided. Blade length: 3.25. Overall length: 7.375. Closed length: 4.25. Weight: 3.3 oz. Color: Blue. Type: Knives. - $89.99