Crescent Moon Gold 12 Running Snowshoes - $219.99

The Gold 12 Running Snowshoes by Cresent Moon. Even though we won last year's 'Winter Gear of the Year' award for the Gold 12( Trail Runner Magazine), we decided to make further changes in our pursuit of a better running shoe. You'll find the new Gold 12 is slightly larger and has more clearance in the toe, so you can go - faster. The Gold 12 is an athletic, responsive design with a simple and easy to use race binding which accommodates your favorite running shoe and compliments your natural stride. It's a winning combination, you and the Gold 12. And if you're really serious about training and comPeting consider the neoprene booties that Fit over your running shoes for complete comfort and warmth. They're awesome. Features of the Gold 12 Running Snowshoes by Cresent Moon Tapered teardrop shape Lightweight race binding, Fits up to size 14 3 aluminum claw system featuring the intuitive toe claw design Teardrop shape frame for a natural stride and optimal flotation TIG welded powder coated aluminum frame for greater strength and durability The SPL binding distributes the tension equally around your foot to provide the best possible Fit. TGS decking material is stable and durable in all Snow conditions. Contains no PVC - $219.99