Crank Caddy Utility Boxes (LARGE 12 CRANKS) - $20.88

A different spin on a utility box, this Crank Caddy features a flexible, durable plastic insert that keeps crankbaits apart - less hooking your own fingers trying to separate them! Three sizes accommodate your crankbait collection, 3/4 thick or less. Made in USA. Available: Small Bait Box: Holds as many as 42 small crankbaits that are 3-1/2 or smaller. Medium Bait Box: Holds as many as 28 medium crankbaits that are 4-1/2 or smaller. Large Bait Box: Holds as many as 12 large crankbaits that are 8 or smaller. Each Box: 14 x 9-1/8 x 1-3/4. Size: LARGE 12 CRANKS. - $20.88