Craft WARM Socks - $29.95

Craft Warm Bike Socks are quite simply the best cool weather cycling socks you can find. They keep your feet not only warm, but temperature regulated so that they won't cause your feet to overheat. In addition, they're as thin as or thinner than most tri-seasonal socks you'll find. The thinness means that there won't be added bulk to cramp your toes or limit your circulation and make your feet cold. Made with a felted wool sole, the Warm Bike Socks feel luxuriously soft and cushioned when you step into them. The material works to keep your feet warm, but is also a natural ventilator which helps circulate moisture away from your skin. The sock uppers are comprised of a channel stitched ultra thin material. This takes away any bulk that sometimes can bundle up underneath your shoe buckles. The channeled nature of the fabric also makes it possible for the warm air to move around the foot keeping the entire foot warm without encouraging any moist heat to build up.The Craft Warm Bike Socks will become a staple of your cycling as well as your everyday wardrobe. The work just as well in your dress brogues and Chelsea boots as they do in your Sidis. They're available in Black and Grey and come in sizes Small through X-Large. - $29.95