Craft Active Rain Pants - Men's - $119.95

Accepting the fact that you live in an area that doesn't always provide the most ideal riding conditions can be hard. We've all been there. You linger in the denial stage(s) after returning home from a tropical cycling paradise, freshly tanned from spinning away under blue skies with just a hint of breeze, slowly starting to accept that you'll soon be experiencing the darker side of Mother Nature's splendor. Well, fret no more about what waits for you out there. With Craft's new Active Rain Pants you're able to carry on as usual, blissfully riding away under the protection of Craft's beautiful engineering -- even if that pesky monsoon is taking its sweet time passing through. Craft constructed its new Active Rain Pants from its C575 material. This material is incredibly lightweight, allowing it move freely over the top of your tights or bibs. The fabric is also completely wind and waterproof, with Craft taping the seams to ensure that you stay dry and comfortable underneath. And as we know with most fabrics touting high levels of wind-and water-repellency, they usually do so by sacrificing breathability. This isn't the case with C575. Its composition, along with a thin mesh lining throughout, keeps you dry and ventilated throughout. Additionally, the saddle areas have been reinforced for high mileage durability. Craft also added removable suspenders, giving you the choice of how you'd like integrate your pants with the rest of your apparel ensemble. The fit of the Active Rain Pants is loose, providing you with friction- and bunch-free movement underneath. At the bottom of the pants' legs, Craft added side zippers and hook-and-loop adjusters. And rounding off the Active Rain Paints, Craft applied reflective prints throughout to keep you seen by motorists in low-light riding conditions. The Craft Active Rain Pants are available in sizes X-Small through XX-Large and in the color Black. - $119.95