Craft Active Extreme Concept Long Sleeve Women's Top - $79.95

If you've worn Craft base layers before, you may be wondering just how it's possible to improve upon earlier designs. You'll be impressed once you try on the Craft Active Extreme Concept Women's Base Layer, and it will be obvious that the folks at Craft aren't resting on their laurels, but really putting a lot of thought and effort into keeping their clothes on the cutting edge of performance sportswear. The Concept Piece Women's Base Layer uses Craft's ultimate fabric, Zero Extreme, and melds it with the Mesh Superlite fabric around the shoulder and back to create the perfect combination of insulation and ventilation. Craft has created this base layer to be a comfortable form-fitting second skin. The wing-like pattern of the upper back and shoulder area allows for the rider to have a complete range of movements, whether you're reaching back into your pockets for a gel pack or crunching up into an aero position for a descent. Craft has used their body mapping techniques for some time now to give their clothes a performance fit. Now they're merging their body mapping cuts with a sport-specific design to suit your cycling needs. That's not to say that you can't wear it jogging or skiing; it just means that it will work perfectly while cycling. Craft's Zero Extreme technology will succeed in keeping your body's core temperature right in the comfort zone, thereby helping to enhance your performance. For decades now, Craft has been developing materials intended to keep you warm in an arctic winter or cool in Saharan heat. The two fabrics which succeed in fulfilling these large temperature control demands are Pro Zero and Pro Cool, respectively. And the key to the performance of both the fabrics is how well each works to keep the body temperature neutral by keeping it dry.When merging Craft's these two flagship fabrics, the Zero Extreme combines the moisture wicking genius of the Pro Zero with the moisture transference of the Pro Cool. - $79.95