CoverKing /Triguard Custom Fit Vehicle Covers - Silver - $99.99

You have a lot invested in your vehicle, so it makes sense to use the best covers available to protect it. Coverking Car Covers have fewer seams to reduce the risk for seam failure or leakage. You will be washing your vehicle less, while protecting it against damage from UV rays and the weather. Made in USA. Triguard Custom-Fit Covers are the option of choice for those who want basic indoor or light-weather protection. It is a three-layered, soft and lightweight car cover for light-weather conditions. Each layer is treated with UV retardant to protect against harmful radiation from the sun. Color: Gray. Stormproof Custom-Fit Covers use a proprietary weave of microfibers to create an extreme all-weather material with no coatings, no treatments so nothing will wear off. The superior water resistance and breathability is crafted to last. Washing, rubbing and drying will not affect the performance. Colors: Black, Tan, Yellow, Red, Gray, Blue, Wine, Black/Red, Black/Gray, Black/Blue, Black/Yellow, Black/Wine, Black/Tan. Silverguard Custom-Fit Covers have an encapsulated sliver coating to reflect more sunlight for maximum UV resistance. These durable, 300-denier cover offer great performance in full sun. Not recommended for extreme rain, snow or ice. Silverguard Plus Custom-Fit Covers reflect sunlight and UV rays with an encapsulated sliver coating, and they feature a soft lining and water-resistant coating. Heavy-duty 300-denier shell resists ripping and tearing. Coverbond 4 and Coverbond 5 Custom-Fit Covers provide extra-heavy, super-thick protection for indoor and outdoor use. Protects against nicks, scratches and even light hail. Not suggested for daily use. Coverbond 4 covers feature four-layer construction, Coverbond 5 co Color: Silver. Type: Custom-Fit Vehicle Covers. - $99.99