Courtyard Kennel - Silver - $239.99

Get a kennel that fits the space you have for your dog with the versatile Courtyard Kennel. It has six 38 high, 3-ft. wide panels that can be configured into multiple patterns to fit a variety of spaces. They also allow for unmatched storage options when not in use. The panels total 18 ft. in length and have one built-in gate for access. The durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel panels with decorative silver crackle finish can be set up indoors or outdoors. The kennel has both short and long removable corner pins. The long pins stake down the kennel on soft ground, while the short pins are perfect for hard surfaces. Plus, the pins slide-down design allows for quick assembly with no tools required. They also allow for panels to be added or removed to adjust the size and configuration of the kennel. No exposed screws, wires or pins keep your dog safe and injury-free while confined. Color: Silver. - $239.99