Cotton Cordell Wally Stinger - PURPLE PASSION (3 1/2") - $3.88

Patterned after the classic, eye-catching Wally Diver, the Wally Stinger was created to run deeper and present a bigger, longer profile. Besides beefing up the hooks and utilizing high-quality components, the diver comes in a myriad of great color patterns. Tie one on when youre ready to test the big lure; big fish theory. 3-1/2 Wally Stinger dives to 10 ft. when cast and retrieved, or as deep as 20 ft. when trolled. The 5 model dives to 15 ft. on the cast and 25 ft. when trolled. Per each. Sizes: 3-1/2, 5. Colors: (004)Chrome/Black, (006)Chrome/Blue, (035)Birthday Suit, (041)Red/Black, (042)Chartreuse Perch, (095)Gold Perch, (303)Gold/Black (339)Sparkle Firetiger, (531)Pink Lemonade, (532)Banana Pepper, (533)Hot Head, (534)Purple Passion. Type: Crankbaits. Size 3 1/2". Color Purple Passion. - $3.88