Cotton Cordell G-Finish Wally Stinger - Mooneye Minnow - $3.88

If you are familiar with the Wally Stinger, youll appreciate the new weapon in its arsenal, Cabelas-exclusive G-Finish. The guanine-based scales of a fish create a flash as light reflects, and that flash attracts predator fish. Cotton Cordell duplicated that effect by blending pigments and luminescent elements, and the changing pearlescent reflection broadens and narrows depending upon the direction and intensity of the light. Its the most accurate reflection you can get without using live bait. Patterned after the classic eye-catching Wally Diver, the Wally Stinger was created to run deeper and present a bigger, longer profile. Besides beefing up the hooks and utilizing high-quality components, the diver comes in a myriad of great color patterns. 3-1/2 Wally Stinger dives to 10 ft. when cast and retrieved, or as deep as 20 ft. when trolled. Per each.Sizes: 3-1/2, 1/4 oz.Colors: (102)Mooneye Minnow, (103)Flame, (104)Eriedescent, (105)Firetiger, (110)Black Glass, (111)Blue Glass. Color: Mooneye Minnow. Type: Crankbaits. - $3.88