Cotton Cordell G-Finish Wally Diver - Pink Lemonade - $5.99

Cotton Cordells Wally Divers are classic cranks that deserve a place in the top of your tackle box. The Cabelas Exclusive G-Finish reproduces the flash or reflection of a real baitfish more than any other finish. Per each. Sizes: CD5 - 2-1/2, 1/4 oz., Cranking Depth 6-8 ft., Trolling Depth 11 ft. CD6 - 3-1/8, 1/2 oz., Cranking Depth 9-11 ft., Trolling depth 14-18 ft. Colors: (080)Pink Lemonade, (081)Firetiger, (082)Eriedescent, (084)Flame, (085)Mooneye Minnow, (086)Blue, (087)Black, (590)Foxy Lady. Color: Pink Lemonade. - $5.99