Costa Triple Tail Polarized Sunglasses - titanium (M) - $249.00

The frame of the Costa Triple Tail Polarized Sunglasses has the incredible performance of Titanium Fused Grilamid (TFG), the most advanced nylon made today. TFG is created by fusing titanium together with advanced nylon materials for top-of-the-line performance, strength and comfort. The Wave 580 lens is the first and only sun lens that blocks yellow light near 580 nanometers. What does that mean to you? Enhanced color discrimination, sharper contrast and better definition. As with all Costa lenses, Wave 580s are 100% polarized, block 100% of UV rays and offer guaranteed performance for life. These sunglasses offer maximum durability and comfort in an eight-base wrap frame style. This high-tech approach combines stylish design, durability and polarized lenses that cut through the glare to reveal your next trophy fish. Costa sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty. Size: M/L. Size: M. Color: Titanium. Material: Nylon. - $249.00