Costa BlackFin Realtree Xtra Polarized Sunglasses - yellow - $179.00

Experience a world of amazing color, contrast and clarity through a pair of Costa sunglasses. Exclusive, polarized Costa 580 lenses eliminate much of the glare and yellow light that negatively affects vision. The 580 advantage is available in lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate (580P) nbsp;580P lenses pass ANSI Z80.3 and ANSI Z87.1 high-impact/velocity testing. On top of ANSI-approved safety, 580P lenses also feature Costas C-Wall coating for effortless cleaning and durability. C-Wall is chemically fused into the lens during production. This process ensures that the protective molecules cover the lens surface perfectly to repel water and keep fingerprints, oils and other contaminants from adhering to the lens. Plus, the C-Wall coating gives the 580P lenses scratch-resistant durability not found in other polycarbonate lenses and optically perfect glass (580G) models. Lenses are impregnated with 100% UV protection to block the suns harmful rays and it wont wear off over time. Exclusive lifetime warranty. 400 glass lenses feature encapsulated, scratchproof mirrors. Experience the revolutionary clarity, light weight and durability of Costa 580 lenses today! Color: Yellow. Gender: Male. Type: Polarized. - $179.00