Cookshack Super Smokers - $1,399.99

With ample room for large batches, the Super Smoker makes it simple for even a novice to smoke ribs, brisket and sausage for a large gathering. A highly accurate electronic temperature controller and meat probe (stainless steel only) that allow you to carefully monitor the temperature in the cooking chamber and the doneness of your meat without having to open the door. The operators manual and cookbook include complete instructions on cook time and how much wood to use. All grills and racks are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Drippings exit into an easy-to-clean pan. Includes 5 lbs. of smoking wood, spice sample kit and full-size bottles of Cookshack Spicy Barbecue Sauce, RibRub and Spicy Chicken Rub to get you started. Dimensions: 35.75H x 20.5W x 19.5D.Capacity: Approximately 30-35lbs. of meat.Available: Stainless Steel. - $1,399.99