ConQuest Herd in a Stick/VS-1 Scent Stick Combo - $49.99

This combo includes Whitetail Herd in a Stick and the VS-1 Whitetail Stick. The Whitetail Herd in a Stick contains the scents and smells that Whitetail deer produce while in their bedding area, where deer feel most comfortable and not threatened. The VS-1 Stick is the only buck attractant that is vaginally extracted from individual does in the peak of their estrus cycle. Does are synchronized with hormones so they super-ovulate, resulting in a higher volume of pheromones. Each doe is then tested to ensure she is at the peak of her cycle. The vaginal secretions are then collected along with pheromone-saturated urine, thus creating VS-1. These stick formulas are recommended for wiping on both sides of three to four scent pads. Hang pads by scrapes, rubs and high-traffic areas during the peak of rut. When done hunting for the day, put scent sponges in a zip-loc bag to store. When returning to hunt, wipe fresh scent on sponges. Leftover product should be vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness at the end of the year. - $49.99