Comprop Mercury Mariner Outboard Propellers Demo - $48.99

Comprop delivers four-blade performance for less than a three-blade aluminum prop! Used as original equipment by many top-quality boat builders. Why? Testing shows durable Comprop propellers accelerate quicker, run faster, corner better and are smoother on most boats than three-blade aluminum props yet cost 30% less! Made in a computer generated mold assuring each blade is exactly alike. This process and the four-blade design results in unmatched smoothness and overall performance that ordinary three-blade aluminum props cant match. During soft-bottom/low-speed operation, the composite material resisted dings, folds and blunting common to aluminum props. During a high-speed prop strike, the blades are designed to break, absorbing much of the shock and reducing the likelihood of costly drivetrain repairs. When replacing a prop, use one of similar size and pitch for similar performance. Mounting hardware not included. Made in USA. Type: High Thrust DEMO Props. Specifications: 4x10.5x11. Dia/Ptch M4321. - $48.99