Stanley Itzabug - $2.88

Combine the same soft, real-feel rings found on the Sidewinder with a pair of crawfish claws and screw-tail tentacles and you get a bug that generates electric underwater action. Perfect for pitching and flipping under docks, bushes or around cover. The flexible rings trap air, emitting tiny bubbles that imitate a live, breathing crawfish. Bass will lock on tight to the collapsible rings that feel like moving prey in their mouth. Flat appendages with pincers and a pair of curly-tail tentacles add irresistible underwater movement. Fish with success as a jig trailer, Carolina- or Texas-rigged, or when drop-shotting. Per 8. Size: 4.Colors: (001)Watermelon/Red Flake, (002)Watermelon/Purple Flake, (003)Melon/Red Pearl, (004)Black/Blue, (005)Watermelon/Mardi Gras, (007)Green Pumpkin/Red Flake, (008)Junebug, (009)Black Neon. - $2.88