Comal Shallow Popper Popping Corks (SLOTTED WEIGHTED) - $2.09

For over 50 years, Comal Tackle has been a well-known leader in freshwater and saltwater float technology. Their floats are loved for their simplicity and durability. Made in USA. Size: 2-3/4. Available: Reddi Rattle Popping Float Slight rod tip action gives the float a rattle effect and a popping, chugging sound. Ideal for redfish and trout in saltgrass marshes and shallow bays. Use with live bait or artificials. Weighted. Per 2. Reddi Float A precise, weighted, easy-to-rig float. Simply attach to your leader and fish. Swivel bottom lets bait move freely. Weighted. Per 2. Rat-L-Pop Float A double-barreled fish attractor. Rod action gives it a popping, chugging sound, along with a rattling effect created by small metal beads inside the hollow chamber. Weighted. Per 2. Slotted-Weighted Float Fitted with custom pegs that can be used for fixed depth and slip fishing. Per 2. Size: SLOTTED WEIGHTED. - $2.09