Columbia River P.E.C.K. In The Dark Knife - $24.93

This Precision Engineered Compact Knife (P.E.C.K.) is now available with black corrosion-resistant plating. Black corrosion-resistant plating makes knife less reflective and creates a protective barrier against corrosion. Blade, frame and clip all receive the black corrosion-resistant plating that is tough and long lasting. Innovative, two-piece construction features an integral Frame Lock(TM) and a breakthrough design which seals the cutting edge against the handle. Thumb stud is used to open the blade one-handed; precision, fine-blanked construction ensures superior fit and smooth operation. As the blade is fully rotated open, the Frame Lock snaps crisply in behind the blade to guarantee a sound lock-up. Blade can be closed with one hand simply by releasing the Frame Lock. Blade and frame are constructed for real work from durable AUS 6M stainless steel. When the knife is closed, the blade's cutting edge is effectively sealed to the frame even though exposed. Pocket/money clip permits knife to be used in a variety of ways: clipped to the pocket; as a money clip; and with split-ring or lanyard, as a keychain. - $24.93