Columbia River K.I.S.S.ASSist Knife - Tanto - 2012 Overstock - $23.73

With a strong Tanto blade, fast assisted opening and a secure blade lock, the Columbia River K.I.S.S.ASSist knife is ultra-useful to use for cutting rope, prepping meals and many other camp tasks. K.I.S.S. (Keep it Super Simple) is the philosophy behind this knife, meaning it works quickly and safely. When closed, the blade locks and cannot be opened until you depress the safety button and nudge the blade deliberately outward with your thumb. Once the blade is nudged outward, the assisted-opening mechanism springs the blade out for quick and easy deployment; 1-hand closing is also very fast and simple. Features a 2.75 in. satin-finished, Tanto-style stainless-steel blade; Tanto-blade design features a very thick, strong point that's easy to sharpen. Stainless-steel and carbon handle is lightweight and durable. Includes both a lanyard hole and pocket clip. Overstock. - $23.73