Cold Steel Trench Hawk - $38.49

The tomahawk has been recognized as an essential piece of outdoor gear for centuries. It doubles as a camp utility tool and defensive weapon. Cold Steels Trench Hawk takes the basic tomahawk design to the next level. A drop-forged and differentially hardened 5150 carbon steel 8.75L head has a 3.5W primary cutting edge for chopping and slicing. The opposite end sports a wedge-shaped spike for puncturing or loosening soil. The Trench Hawks twin business ends also make it an accurate and effective throwing Ax. The polypropylene handle is highly shock- and impact-resistant and will withstand abuse that would easily break even a tough hickory handle. Trench Hawk comes with a patented Secure-Ex sheath featuring an articulated design. Overall length: 19. Weight: 24 oz. - $38.49