Cold Steel Pendleton Hunters - $14.88

These knives are the result of close collaboration between Cold Steel President Lynn Thompson and renowned custom-knife maker Lloyd Pendleton, and they re built to deliver outstanding hunting-knife performance in any environment on the planet. Precision engineering teams with premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship to give you knives that are incredibly sharp and durable. Imported. Available: Pendleton Hunter Constructed with a 3-1/2" drop-point blade with a sharp, sturdy point for piercing and a razor sharp edge with ample belly for skinning. The polished blade is hollow-ground, handcrafted and polished 5mm-thick VG-1 stainless steel that is vacuum-heat-treated and subzero quenched with multiple temperings. The tapered full-tang construction and extra-stout spine make it virtually indestructible. The handle is rugged, easy-to grip, contoured and textured Kraton for a firm hold in any weather. A Secure-Ex Sheath ensures the knife stays put until needed.Overall length: 8.25".Weight: 5.8 oz.Pendleton Mini Hunter A lighter, more compact version of the full-size Hunter made using the same processes and materials. Secure-Ex Sheath included. Blade thickness: .125". Blade length: 3".Overall length: 6.25".Weight: 2.4 oz.Pendleton Lite Hunter Similar is size to the standard Hunter, but lighter and constructed using weight- and price-reducing materials. The 3-5/8" drop-point blade is constructed of 4116 Krupp stainless steel and the handle is high-impact polypropylene. A sturdy Cordura shealth is included.Overall length: 8.5".Weight: 2.7 oz. - $14.88