Cold Steel Micro Samburu Spear - $39.99

Modeled after the spears used by the semi-nomadic Samburu tribe of Kenya. With straight-flying spears, these tall, thin herders of sheep, goats and cattle defend livestock from Africas most-fearsome predators. This hard-hitting, deep-penetrating Micro Samburu Spear is best used as a long-range spear. It breaks down into three components: the spears bladed head is welded to its thick steel shaft; the smooth hickory handle with tapers at each end; and the counter-balance butt spike can be used as an alternate spearhead or practice point. Easy to assemble or disassemble, this spear includes retaining screws that secure the spearhead and butt spike to the handle. Includes a Secure-Ex sheath. Head length: 4. Overall length: 5 ft. Weight: 1-1/5 lbs. - $39.99