Cocoons Fitovers X-Large (XL) Polarized Sunglasses - $49.99

Sleek and lightweight, the Cocoons Fitover X-Large (XL) Polarized Sunglasses eliminate harsh glare and distorted vision while fitting comfortably and securely over your prescription glasses. To prolong the life and maintain clarity of the lenses, they are polarized with Polar and are hard-coated, scratch-resistant and engineered to withstand the rugged demands of fishing and boating enthusiasts. They deliver 100% 360 UVA and UVB protection and crystal-clear visual acuity. Polycarbonate side shields are permanently molded into the frames and will never loosen or fall out. The Flex2Fit temples easily adjust for a secure, custom fit. Soft Touch-finished ultralightweight ballistic-nylon frames are so tough, they carry a lifetime warranty against breakage. Fits frames up to 2H x 5-1/2W. Include a zippered carry case and lens cleaning cloth. Size: XL. Type: Polarized. - $49.99