Cobra Pro Caliper Release - $29.88

You can count on a secure lock and a smooth release, even with the heaviest draw weights, using Cobra's Pro Caliper Release. The caliper style jaws provide an even, consistent release while protecting your bow string from wear and tear. Machined from solid aluminum, the Pro Caliper has a deluxe, curved gun-style trigger, black anodized release head with center release caliper-style jaws, stainless steel pins, a premium coil spring, and a chrome-moly pivot bearing for a consistently smooth release. The wrist strap comfortably transfers the pull of the draw to your wrist, and is available in either a suede buckle strap model or a leather, loop-lock fastener model, providing multiple adjustments to fit you perfectly.Available: Loop-lock fastener strap, Buckle strap (not shown). Type: Wrist Strap. Size Leather Velcro Strap. - $29.88