Clearwater Vr 11'6" Stand-Up Paddleboard - $854.99

Great for both beginners and experienced users alike, this stand-up paddleboard serves you well on rivers, lakes and even oceans and surf. Stand-up paddleboarding provides you with not only a full-body engagement, but an awesome view of everything from the horizon to whats below the waters surface. Paddleboarding also provides the entire family with an opportunity to enjoy the water from a board without the need for waves. The diamond-hatched EVA memory-foam deck provides confidence-boosting stability. The wood version is protected by six layers of fiberglass and epoxy with a high-gloss finish. Removable 10 fin and screw are included. Paddle sold separately.Weight: 29 lbs.Weight capacity: 275 lbs.Dimensions: 116L x 31W.Available: Pink, Wood. - $854.99