Civilian Bicycle Co. Le Roi Le Veut - $799.00

Cyclocross is gaining momentum stateside due to spectator friendly action, a relaxed atmosphere, and because it stretches the riding season well into winter-sport territory. Racers of all walks of life compete on bikes ranging from the latest space-age carbon featherweight to hand-crafted steel beauties. One of the great things about cyclocross racing is that you can't buy skill, making those traditional, hand-crafted rides just as competitive on muddy, barrier-peppered courses as the latest and greatest plastic rockets. The Civilian Bicycle Company's Le Roi Le Veut contains the history, attention-to-detail, and aesthetics of a handmade racer, at a price that justifies adding a cyclocross bicycle to your stable.Unsatisfied with the offerings available from mainstream manufacturers, Tyson Hart set out building frames under the Civilian brand in 2005 after attending UBI, a respected frame building school in Ashland, Oregon. Relying on a combination of extensive personal experience and close work with clients, Hart crafted cyclocross, commuting, and mountain bicycles. The distinctive cyclocross bikes saw action around the west coast's popular 'cross series, and quickly gained a cult following for their seamless balance of a fun-to-ride attitude, lively handling, and responsive performance.The Le Roi Le Veut retains the same attention to detail and purposefulness honed in Hart's custom pieces, and is packaged for the masses. The frame is constructed of 4130 double-butted steel tubing. This springy, lightweight steel helps keeps your pocketbook flush, yet offers the durability and supple ride that cyclocross courses demand. Hart shaped the seatstays and chainstays to fight deflection when sprinting for snappy acceleration, but it won't beat you up on bumpy courses, or when jumping back on the saddle after a barrier hop.At the back end of the Le Roi Le Veut reside Tange Design 7075 T6 aluminum sliding dropouts and is single speed specific. - $799.00