Civilian Bicycle Co. Corduroy Rebel - $699.00

A bicycle that can get you around town quickly, safely, and reliably doesn't start with a road racing or mountain frame. It starts with a clean sheet and design parameters that suit commuters and urban cyclists. Tyson Hart, Civilian's founder, honed those parameters during his history of wrenching at local shops, delivering packages by bicycle in San Francisco and Portland, and finally, crafting custom, one-off frames. All this experience and expertise can be found here in the Civilian Corduroy Rebel, a complete, commute-ready package.Unsatisfied with the offerings available from mainstream manufacturers, Hart set out building frames under the Civilian brand in 2005 after attending UBI, a respected frame building school in Ashland, Oregon. Relying on a combination of extensive personal experience and working closely with clients, Hart designed a city-specific geometry to endow lively handling, a comfortable seating position, and a commanding view of urban bustle. These distinctive bicycles quickly gained a cult following for their seamless balance of utilitarian qualities with fun-to-ride attitude.Possessing that once-reserved geometry, the Corduroy Rebel retains the same attention to detail and purposefulness of Hart's custom pieces in a package for the masses. While geometry is key to the Corduroy Rebel's urban prowess, just as essential is its high-tensile, double-butted tubing. The springy steel keeps your pocketbook flush, yet offers the durability and supple ride that ragged city streets demand.At the back end of the Corduroy Rebel, kinked seatstays further dampen broken pavement and connect to robust Tange Design sliding dropouts. The sliders are machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and have integrated eyelets for a fender and rack that won't interfere with disc-brake calipers -- letting the Corduroy Rebel use more powerful, less maintenance-intensive disc brakes. - $699.00