Chris King Bottom Bracket Grease Injector Tool - $55.00

The Chris King Bottom Bracket Grease Injection Tool is the last piece of your bottom bracket puzzle. This tool facilitates quick and easy maintenance of your Chris King Bottom Bracket, which will keep your BB spinning smoothly for decades. Maintaining your bottom bracket has never been so easy. Simply remove your cranks and the plastic insert using the included extractor tool, insert the Grease Injection Tool and squirt fresh grease in while watching your old grease being pushed out. Then simply reinstall the plastic insert, followed by your cranks and you're all set. Racers and those who frequently ride in adverse conditions, this system will pay for itself in no time, when compared to simply replacing a non-serviceable bottom bracket. Additionally, racers will appreciate the ability to flush out sticky grease in trade for a low-friction lubricant on race day. Using the Chris King Bottom Bracket Grease Injection Tool to maintain your King bottom bracket might just mean it'll be an awfully long time before you need another bottom bracket, so choose your color wisely. - $55.00